Friday, May 4, 2012

Cacique: They Liked Me, They Really Liked Me

Every writer lives for the day when they receive professional recognition that what they produce is worth reading. Today was that day for me. I wrote an article in June 2011 called "Soy Chorizo Kitchen Tests" and published it at on its Notecook site. I had kitchen-tested a new product: Cacique soy chorizo, detailing each step and all the results. Yesterday, I left a link to the article on Cacique USA's Facebook page. To my delight, Cacique USA sent me the following email message:

"Wow! Very educational, Jack. And it sounds like the Hawaiian-style sauce really tied it all together... But you left us on a cliffhanger -- how'd it TASTE?!"


Thank you, Cacique USA, for taking time to read my article!
Update, April 5, 2015: Due to page-loading issues at Triond, I have moved the article to Heritage and Home. You can find it here at Soy Chorizo Kitchen Tests.